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Click on the below links to hear Theresa via youtube

Contact Theresa for more audio samples at


Click on theYouTube Links below of Theresa's performing samples

Moves Like Jagger, Theresa Coe with Caution Band March 2024

Theresa sings "Working for the Weekend" with Caution Party Band


Theresa sings "You Give Love a Band Name" with Caution Party Band

Theresa and nephew Fouad Melki with Caution Band


                                  Theresa with Guest Scott Novak in Caution Party Band promo;


Theresa and Fouad Melki with Caution Party Band Promo:


Theresa with Caution Party Band

"I Was Made For Loving you" (Kiss)


What I Like about You (Party)


Dueling piano TEMPORARY Promo;


Theresa's tv/radio commercial for 72 Sold (highly aired on multiple major stations)



"Freak Out" (Theresa singing with her Caution band NY Eve 2020)


Covid Christmas (Parody)



NEVER Shake a Baby (Commercial)


Fly Me to the Moon (Spontaneous song at a restaurant)



Old Time Rock n Roll- Theresa at Lowkey Dueling Pianos Bar

I Love You Arizona

Walkin' on Sunshine (With Caution Band)

Summer Wind

I've Got You Under my Skin

Amazing Grace




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